Broadband service provided by Shree Ganesh Telecom goes down frequently

Shree Ganesh Telecom is the BSNL franchisee in the Pimple Saudagar area and provides BSNL landline & broadband facilities in the Pimple Saudagar area. The broadband service keeps going down frequently. It thus affects the businesses/ professionals that depend on the BSNL broadband service taken from Shree Ganesh Telecom. Can something been done where it can be guaranteed that:

1. Any kind of maintenance activity is done on weekends or non-business work hours.

2. Any kind of downtime during business hours is kept to a minimum, let's say less than 30 minutes.

Snehal Shivalkar
posted by Snehal Shivalkar on Jan 30, 2014 at 07:01:47

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